How is it designed?

Decenternet’s Decentralized App’s Store (dAppstore) is another unique addition to the Osiris Web Browser. The dAppstore is completely integrated into the Osiris web browsing experience. Now it’s possible to use your favorite applications with all the benefits that the Decenternet promotes.


  • We’ve created one of the world’s first decentralized virtual economies.

Decentralized virtual economies

Freedom to our end users

Allowing for the development of applications

Innovation and the gift of endless value


we promote complete freedom to our end users.

Imagine a world where purchasing in Crypto is promoted on a global scale.

Decentralized applications are readily available to the users, allowing for the development of applications the world has never seen before.

Get ready to experience FREEDOM on a whole new level through open source application development.

Innovation and the gift of endless value are at the core of the entire experience as new ideas and boundaries are pushed

We encourage both the use and creation of applications, by providing our end users with an amazing opportunity, never offered before in the history of humankind.

universal basic income


UBI(Universal Basic Income) on the Decenternet is possible through the unique Decenternet UBI architecture. Notice how self-sustainability, perfect balance, prosperity and stability is a basic feature of all natural ecosystems. Remember that for some parts of the world, even 50 cents a day could actually make a big difference. Realize that the more you use Decenternet(Osiris Browser, SpyceDex Wallet, Liberty Search Engine, Decenternet Apps, dWebsites, and many more), the more empowerment you are bringing to everyone in a planetary scale.

future update features

dAppstore service beta version will be opened through Osiris browser.

Borderless payments through UBI Mercury Dwallet technology integration with DEX.


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