the solution isn’t out there you are the solution

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Fellow freedom seeker, beta test the dAppstore PLAY-TO-EARN applications
in the Osiris browser free from monopolized ads, mass surveilance and slow speeds.
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  • Hard Cap : $13M USD
  • Accepted currencies Cap : ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Minimum : $20,000.00 USD (accredited investors only)
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Problems of the Internet

Are you bold enough to see the truth? If so, proceed with confidence.

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the solution

The Decenternet(a.k.a. Dnet) is an alternative P2P permanent hyperspeed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution unbound by politics and oppression. Once Dnet is out, it can’t be stopped from spreading. It is cheaper, much faster, proliferates net neutrality, protects your privacy and removes the influence of corrupt intermediaries without having to ask for permission from any central organization. Decenternet core assets such as Dnet web hosting, the blockchain native Spyce, Liberty Search Engine, and the Osiris Net-Neutral Web Browser create a completely free web environment which delivers profits directly to the participating peers without the exploitation of an intermediary.


contents providers (miners)

spyce (data) flow
It has everything the old suppressed web has and much more. Core assets are self-sustainable in nature. They are supported by the highly incentivized Spyce mining activity available to anyone. Spyce is the foundation of all trade and commerce on the Dnet. Depending on the depth of your social conditioning you may realize you have been living a lie. Remember that liberation, abundance, and freedom await us.When would be the best time to join our quest for planetary greatness and thrive together?


Osiris is the world’s first Net-Neutral browser designed to bring freedom back into your hands. Osiris is a part of the Decenternet Initiative. The core fundamental ideology of Decenternet is the physical manifestation of abundance and prosperity through a planetary grade technological ascension protocol without the use of violence or politics. Osiris is designed to gradually bring forth the realization of a planetary grade information network and a decentralized financial infrastructure that is borderless, permissionless and free from corruption and oppression. Notice that this is an EARLY BETA TEST RELEASE.
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ubi_imguniversal basic income

Universal Basic Income on the Decenternet is possible through the unique Decenternet UBI™ architecture. Notice how self-sustainability, perfect balance, prosperity and stability is a basic feature of all natural ecosystems. Remember that for some parts of the world, even 50 cents a day could actually make a big difference. Realize that the more you use Decenternet(Osiris Browser, Mercury Wallet, Liberty Search Engine, Decenternet Apps, dWebsites, and many more) the more empowerment you are bring to everyone in a planetary scale. The Decenternet UBI™ Architecture stays true to this basic most fundamental aspect of humanity. It is time we recognize ourselves for who we really are. TV, news, media, youtube, facebook does not represent you. You are a much more magnificent being with the power to create new worlds. Allow yourself to create this world where unlimited freedom is a basic planetary condition. Remember who you truly are because everything is inside of you. Remember that the solution isn’t out there. You are the solution.


Spyce, the currency of Freedom, is the essence of all mental, physical, economic activity on the Decenternet including all commerce and trade of goods and services. It is the native currency that can be obtained by maintaining a Decenternet node which contributes unused computing resources to the self-sustainable Titan(Decenternet Mainnet) or simply purchasing it with on the SpyceDex (Decenternet Native Exchange) or any Crypto Exchange that supports Spyce.

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Nobody should spy on you and treat you like a thief
  • market potential facts

    1. An estimated initial minimum of 3 trillion USD market cap waiting to be returned to Dnet users and as of 2017.

    2. 49500 ~ 182500 websites applicable per year.

    3. 37 countries applicable for incentivized mining at mainnet launch in 2019.

    4. Non-optional necessary urgent utility infastructure technology to protect liberty and net-neutrality.

    5. 3,958,532 probable users worldwide as of 2018.

    6. Limited to total of 8.5 billion grains of Spyce.

    7. Dnet becomes public utility and planetary neural network by 2025.

  • spyce cryptocurrency utility

    1. Increase the speed of network data transmission dramatically by mining Spyce. The proprietary PoR (Proof of Realiability)protocol assures network speed maintenance. Realize the centralized internet will become a relic of the past sooner than you imagine now.

    2. Spyce is used for all Dnet related services, trade, commerce and microtransaction on Decenternet, and Osiris web/d-web browser.

    3. Faster retrieval of data and practical consumption by the consumer than the traditional centralized internet.

    4. Unbreachable security and power for the individual.

    5. Unleash unlimited potential and marketability for all content creators.

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