How is it designed?

SpyceDex is a crypto exchange, which is going to facilitate users to exchange their crypto currencies securely. SpyceDex is a hybrid autonomous exchange engine, which takes most of the decision on its own based on market liquidity and market volatility. Few decisions are still moderated to secure the assets and control the losses. This phase specifically talks about Manual order processing.


  • Security, Safety and Integrity of personal data is the core consideration behind SpyceDex Exchange platform.

SpyceDex order matching engine

Candle Charts with two technical indicators study

KYC platform for fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat

Super Administrator


Alerts and Warning created by system and option to block and release them.

MVP is in heavy R&D and Development.

Rocksolid backend support for quick settlement.

Long term support for bug fixes and Upgrades.

Security by implementing latest GDPR Rules and regulation.

universal basic income


UBI(Universal Basic Income) on the Decenternet is possible through the unique Decenternet UBI architecture. Notice how self-sustainability, perfect balance, prosperity and stability is a basic feature of all natural ecosystems. Remember that for some parts of the world, even 50 cents a day could actually make a big difference. Realize that the more you use Decenternet(Osiris Browser, SpyceDex Wallet, Liberty Search Engine, Decenternet Apps, dWebsites, and many more), the more empowerment you are bringing to everyone in a planetary scale.


Automated order matching engine with advance features.

Machine learning implementation in Moderation Engine and Trading.

Advance controls for Wallets.

Add more cryptos support.

Improve UI/UX.

Performance improvements.


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