Our very own
Deep mining Solution

What is Spyce Hash ?

“Spyce Hash is our answer to global Crypto mining. An integrated solution that works hand in hand with the world’s fastest Osiris Web Browser. Now anyone anywhere in the world can use their Desktop or Laptop to mine real crypto at the click of a button. Financial freedom awaits you through the Osiris web browser and the Decenternet’s Deep mining solution.”


“Our DMS is at the heart of the Decenternet’s initiative to create a thriving Universal Basic Income ecosystem, where technology works for humanity.”


“Access to the largest mining pool (DMS) can be achieved through the Osiris Web Browser or the stand alone mining application. An easy to use an intuitive interface that makes crypto mining accessible to anyone, anywhere, for free.


“Our technology has been designed specifically for mass adoption, Knowledge on blockchain is no longer necessary through our revolutionary technology. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can generate income through the internet.“

DMS Platform

Simple UI/UX

Spyce Hash advantages

Now anyone with access to a good internet connection
and a computer can start earning money today.

Decenternet ecosystem

“The unique and value added experience that we provide our users is like no other. Navigate through the internet in a way that makes sense. We provide the complete solution to all web browsing and crypto mining.“

Generate Revenue

“Use the hardware capacity of your Pc or Laptop to generate revenue from the comfort of your internet connection. An easy and free download makes our solution one of the most accessible solutions the world has to offer. We take pride in adding value to humanity.“

Anywhere, Anytime

“If you have: 1. A secure and stable internet connection , 2. A running computer with the capacity to run the Osiris web browser, earning a Basic Universal Income is as simple as clicking a button. Put your assets to work and enjoy the benefit of technology creating a micro or macro income for you.“

Crypto/Fiat Exchange

“Interexchange the crypto you earn through a variety of options available on our crypto/fiat exchange. Connected to the biggest crypto liquidity pool in the world, our users can buy or sell crypto with fiat or crypto easily. Now anyone can exchange crypto on a live market.“

non-inflationary economy

“The crypto earned through our DMS can be used to purchase items anywhere in the world, including applications, services and items using our Dapp store. The Osiris web browser is a powerful online economy, where freedom is given back to the end user.“

Easy to use

“We pride ourselves on making complex platforms that anyone is able to use. Intuitive applications and platforms are what we do best.“

Take your freedom back

“We believe in adding as much value to the end users experience as possible. Our initiative is to create a global Eco-system that promotes freedom in every way possible.“

Osiris web browser

“The Osiris web-browser is the fastest net neutral, decentralized web browser in the world. Designed specifically for the smoothest end user experience yet.“

Security & Privacy

“We place the highest priority on ensuring that the privacy and security of our end users is never compromised.“